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Two quilts by Rosemary Newton

Rosemary says: Do not attempt this quilt (on left) unless you have nerves of steel! All the pieces have to be attached to the quilt in one go and fell off as I manipulated it! So I had to do just one direction at once which would have been even more of a nightmare if my Bernina had not cast on and off for me. Also my cataracts stopped me seeing the invisible thread which I was using to buttonhole around the edges and I could only feel where I had worked. I have not dared to look at the quilt since having my eye done, but Ellie likes it anyway!

On the right is Rosemary Newton with her Snowdrop Quilt that won the visitors choice at the 2015 "Snowdrops in all their Variety" Exhibition at Shaftesbury Arts Centre in February this year. Visitors were asked to vote for their favourite piece of work on display and Rosemary's was the exhibit that captured the visitors eye. Great to see a piece of textiles winning when The Gallery had 60+ exhibits ranging from ceramics, silk painting, metal sculpture and paintings.

Congratulations to Rosemary!